Involuntary Motion Generators

17 10 2010

I’m happy to report that my love affair with music is alive and kickin!! You know my tastes are broad and you’ll never nail me down to any particular genre and with that in mind i have 2 very different tracks for you to (hopefully) enjoy.

I had a great chat with Isi (Grange Farm Studios) about EQ’in and mastering and I actually think i’m starting to get it! This is very exciting for me, because I thought alot of my tunes lacked the warmth and breadth that a nice well mastered bass can add. Although I’m not claiming complete success with this, I know I’ve made a paradigm shift in the right direction.

I’d love your opinion about these tunes.

Simple Harmonic Motion



Respect and Peace!





2 responses

17 10 2010

It’s just occurred to me that the downloads are wav files and not MP tres! oops my mistake – get MP3’s from my new Jungle Music page.


28 10 2010

lol MP tres?

Now how have I missed these new posts? 🙂 Right then…I’m off to explore!

Have a music kinda day, please! 🙂

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