Jungle Music

17 10 2010

(click on logo and go to my soundcloud)

I’ve just got down with the kids and got myself a Soundcloud account – not before time I hasten to add!

Anyway the main reason for this is to make life easier, you can now listen to my music here and download my music via the soundcloud link…….Happy Days!!

You’ll find my music on the new Jungle Music page………..HERE

Respect and Peace!





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3 11 2010
Light Fittings ·

i prefer to download musi from the ipod website or amazon, sometimes i download on emile too ,,

7 01 2011
Rhetorical Advocate

Hey, @dam!
Just thought I would tell you I took a moment to chillax and listen to some of your music.
I am liking the Sprapatac and Rush and the vocals on another on the first page…with the Islamic sound and then of course, Jacobs Ladder and Islamjam…( i think that was the name )
But just thought I would take a look see and hear what you do. It’s pretty cool. I never have time for doing things…barely enought time to write.lol
I need to make time for my art and definitelty for my book writing. NEED TO.
Anyway,…very good work!
respect and peace back to you, my friend!

7 01 2011

Thanks Tamara – I know what you mean about not having time for doing things and that’s why I really appreciate that you spent some of your time listening to my music (loose description lol).

Some of the tunes are just unfinished projects, like Sprapatac, I put it out there cos I just love the groove!

Islamjam is a recent fave of mine and a minute long section of it has found its way into an independent film that hopefully will be released later this year……how bizarre!! Can’t believe it really, don’t think i’ll be able to give up the day job just yet though.

What type of book writing is it that you’re into Tamara? Reference or fiction? I know you’re an extremely talented writer and would appreciate a link or 3 to some of your works hehe.

Respect and Peace!

7 01 2011

Oh Tamara! So glad you discovered @dam’s music! I’ve downloaded it all…and it’s on my mp3 player. It’s great if you want a nice brisk walk, or bike ride… it really sets a great pace! 🙂
Love to you both!
Have a wonderful day, please!
T. xo

7 01 2011

Oh, and yay about the music in the movie, congratulations!!!! 🙂

7 01 2011
Rhetorical Advocate

Yes, @dam, CONGRATS! That is very cool indeed! I wish one of my writings would take off. I am working on a 13 chapter book right now, based on my own life, because I gave up writing fiction, though some people liked it,… I felt the bs sounded too much like bs and I am not good at bs-ing people… If you want to read part of a romance novel I started,… just go to my facebook and read it under my notes… You can find me under Tamara Lee or my hotmail addy, ancient.princess@hotmail.com.
And T, I think you are right,…they would work well for a bike ride, which is what I need to do now. The kids and the house are making me edgy and I am sorta feeling down.
Good prescription!

10 01 2011

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