Love, Hope and Skype

18 04 2012

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Respect and Peace!



Off This Wall

29 04 2011

Here it is at last, my remix of King Kool’s amazing track ‘Off This Wall’ is was chuffed to bits when I was given permission by Dan Donovan to do the remix! I was doubly chuffed when I managed a very small (but perfectly formed lol), cameo in the video……What do you think?

Respect and Peace!!


Turning Point

28 04 2011

Just a short one today, short but significant. Throughout life we are posed many questions and face many a tough decision, today I’ve had made a very significant choice! This decision will, I’m sure, cause a lot of pain and suffering in the days, weeks and months ahead, but nonetheless it has to be done. I’m not going to share with you the detail of what it is, but I did want to share with you my thoughts behind making this choice.

For too long I’ve succumbed to the will of others, thinking that I was doing the right thing, for the right reasons, but it has dawned on me that I was wrong, an epiphany if you like, so instead of ignoring my own wishes or needs I’ve decided to listen to myself for a change; and do what’s right!!

We all have turning points in our life, many of them too and today is a profound one for me and you know what I’m gonna celebrate the fact that I had the spirit, strength and determination to do what’s right……for me!

If you live a life of oppression or compromise, where others just about determine all that you do, I’d like you to think hard about that, are you ever going to be happy if you are constantly giving in, conceding defeat to others who shout louder than you? Or are you going to let people play games with your life, having you chase your own tail, living a life of doubt and mania?

This is no way to live! Wake up….like I have and be yourself, express yourself as you wish to, if others don’t get it or like it, well tough shit! We only get one shot at this life, think about that!! At nearly forty I consider myself lucky to have realised this now and not another 10 years on like my parents did, you can do a lot of cool stuff in 10 years, achieve a great deal, make something of yourself……………….HAVE FUN!!

The liberation from dictators is topical at the moment and how apt for me right now lol, I’m a freedom fighter, fighting for his life, his destiny and his future……..and I’ll do anything to protect my freedom! I’m armed to the teeth with determination, self belief, and courage to make difficult decisions, by taking control of MY life I’ve suddenly found this secret cache of weapons that will take me to the next milestone in my life’s journey.

If that sounds pretentious or profound, well it’s both and I don’t care what you think anyway lol.

Respect and Peace!


Not a paint brush in sight!!

9 03 2011

I’ve been farting about with a photo editing package and here are some of the results…….Click on the images to see them in a larger size.



Lewis and Jack

Your’s truly


Black and White

Sliced Fruit

‘Off This Wall’

28 10 2010

Thanks to the ‘Hangout’ over at Grange farm Studios I’ve met some very interesting peeps, one of them was Dan Donovan, a rock musician (guitarist and lead vocals), current band is King Kool a nitro-glycerine fuelled 2 piece that pack a punch!!

We spoke briefly at the hangout, but at length a week later on the blower and he’s an interesting fella. Anyway long story short, I asked him if I could remix one of his King Kool tunes – ‘Off This Wall’ and he agreed. Game On!

Next thing was to contact Isi and ask her to send me the wav’s of Dans tune, Isi produced the album for them and has all the files. I received the files on Saturday and made a start Sunday……..It’s coming nicely and i think he’ll be well chuffed.

I’ll publish tune when it’s complete and you can let me know what you think.

There’s actually another Hangout tonight so I’m really excited, there is live music again, 2 piece folk outfit…..should be an interesting remix there lol.

Actually thinking about it, if you’re interested in a musical collaboration, let me know and we could maybe give it a whirl.


Respect and Peace!


Jungle Music

17 10 2010

(click on logo and go to my soundcloud)

I’ve just got down with the kids and got myself a Soundcloud account – not before time I hasten to add!

Anyway the main reason for this is to make life easier, you can now listen to my music here and download my music via the soundcloud link…….Happy Days!!

You’ll find my music on the new Jungle Music page………..HERE

Respect and Peace!


Involuntary Motion Generators

17 10 2010

I’m happy to report that my love affair with music is alive and kickin!! You know my tastes are broad and you’ll never nail me down to any particular genre and with that in mind i have 2 very different tracks for you to (hopefully) enjoy.

I had a great chat with Isi (Grange Farm Studios) about EQ’in and mastering and I actually think i’m starting to get it! This is very exciting for me, because I thought alot of my tunes lacked the warmth and breadth that a nice well mastered bass can add. Although I’m not claiming complete success with this, I know I’ve made a paradigm shift in the right direction.

I’d love your opinion about these tunes.

Simple Harmonic Motion



Respect and Peace!